These are just some of the organisations who are Standing Up for Women. If your organisation would like to be featured here (or you feel there is a group we have left anyone out!) please Contact Us Here

Standing Up Against Violence

  • International campaign led by men challenging male violence against women.
  • Providing specialist supported housing in for women escaping domestic abuse.
  • Yarls Wood Befrienders supports female asylum seekers often fleeing rape, genital mutilation or forced marriage
  • Providing homes for London women and support for victims of violence
  • Campaigning to eradicate Female Genital Mutilation, as practiced in 28 African nations
  • Women for Refugee Women challenges the injustice experienced by women seeking asylum in the UK. Founded by author/campaigner Natasha Walter
  • National Charity supporting women and children fleeing Domestic Violence
  • Ending Victimisation and Blame is constantly in the media challenging the everyday victim blaming rife in our society
  • 1 Billion women around the world will experience violence. Founded by Eve Ensler, we're here to end that!
  • End Online Misogyny is here to highlight & challenge the huge problem of online abuse directed against women
  • Hollaback! We're going to stop street harassment - powered by a network of activists around the globe
  • The umbrella body for Rape Crisis Centres across the country.
  • Helps 250,000 women and children every year experiencing domestic violence at 500 local centres across the UK
  • More than 1 in 3 women in the UK are abused by their partners.
  • Just 5,000 Women seek asylum in the UK every year. Half will have been raped. Most are denied sanctuary.
  • "We're lucky to be alive, thanks to Women's Aid" Delia, domestic violence survivor
  • 25% of Women are sexually assaulted in the UK.
  • 24,000 girls under the age of 15 are at risk of FGM in the UK

Standing Up Against the Sex Trade

  • Survivors of Prostitution speaking out against the sex trade
  • Unchosen uses the power of film and documentary to campaign against trafficking
  • Born To Be Beautiful - Giving trafficked girls skills for a new life

Standing Up Against Bad Press

  • Mad Women influence advertisers using business sense to stop stereotyping and often sexist promotions
  • Women in Journalism supports, and campaigns for, women in journalism
  • Challenges 'porn as the norm'. Changed two laws on the sex industry. Constantly in leading media
  • The No More Page 3 Campaign got the Sun to end topless Page 3 images. Success!
  • 5% of tabloid editors are female
  • Leveson Report states British tabloids demean women

Standing Up For Equality

  • Womankind Worldwide has already helped over 12 million women and their families across Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Supports grass roots activism. Currently running a hugely successful campaign on supermarket 'lad's mags'
  • We organise the annual conference on behalf of the Feminism in London Network.
  • The Medical Women's Federation addresses the pay gap and lack of women in senior medical roles in the UK
  • We're making equality happen in Bristol!
  • Finding safe, accessible spaces for women's organisations
  • Catalogues the sexism experienced by women on a daily basis.
  • Progressive Women supports aspiring women leaders through networking and seminars
  • It will take 200 years before 50% of MPs are female

Standing Up Through Art & Performance

  • Helps women perform, write and do business with humour
  • A women's theatre company with an independent theatre education programme, working to explore and transform women's experiences of the criminal justice system.
  • Carousel is promoting Women in the arts, theatre, music & more!
  • Dead Parrot Society - a comedy club which always has lots of female acts. Yay!
  • Laughing Cows Comedy hosts an all-female line up in clubs across the UK
  • Annual Festival of female comedians, held every October in Manchester
  • Women in Film & Television supports and campaigns for women working in creative media in the UK
  • LOLITICS - political comedy club with female act, 'no rape jokes & no sexism'
  • MY COMEDY - All female line ups in London, Manchester and beyond!
  • Supporting women film makers from the grass roots level with a thriving annual festival showcasing new talent
  • Promotes women in comedy with popular comedy gigs in Bristol & the South West

Standing Up Through Enterprise

  • Hand stitched clothes that DON'T say 'pink is for girls'. Supports a bunch of women's groups too!
  • Totally ethical underwear and more made by women for women (and men too!)
  • WOMMA Fightwear is making non-sexist/non-sexualised clothing for women in martial arts
  • Smart Works is just that ! It provides women on low income smart clothes for job interviews.
  • Women and Manual Trades has been championing tradeswomen for 30 years through campaigning & training
  • Women in Construction, Arts & Technology - supporting women in non-traditional trades