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The Game

We Really Need More Women in Parliament – A Fun Game with a Serious Message


Your chance to put Clegg in a wig and Farage in a tiara AND stand up for getting more women in Parliament!

Dress up MPs, take their pic and tweet/facebook/instagram your snap like crazy.

Each pic spreads the message that we really need more women in Parliament. And .. it’s pretty darned funny!

Play it Here:

The Vid 

The FAQs

Nearly 80% of MPs are men – and have been since 1997. At this rate it will be over 100 years before we have proper representation. UK ranks no higher than 70th in the World– there’s a veritable alphabet of countries ahead of us .. from Afghanistan to Turkministan, from Belarus to Zimbabwe.


Why Women?

Why not? Surely half the population should be properly represented and be making the decisions that affect us all?


What About Other Minorities?

Absolutely! Thing is, women aren’t a minority – they are actually a majority (51% of the population). Getting proper representation of the majority of the population will put in place the mechanisms and the culture to ensure a fully diverse Parliament – where people from all backgrounds can finally be properly represented.

Here’s to a real People’s Parliament!

‘As an Asian man I’m fully behind getting far more female MPs – it’s going to be good for us all’ Jeremy


Etc Etc Etc

Don’t Patronise Women .. Women just want to be Glamour Models and Stay-at-home mums not MPs ... Women should get Elected on their Own Merit etc etc etc

To get equality in Parliament we only need 177 more women, from a population of 30 million women.

 “I somehow think we can just about manage to find a couple of hundred highly capable female politicians out of the entire population!” Jane


How Is It Going to Happen?

There are several ways equality could be achieved – quickly!

We are standing with 50:50 Parliament - who call for debate and action to move equality forward – quickly!

Find out more and sign the petition here:


How Are We Helping?

We want to help get a real People’s Parliament - with a bit of humour thrown in. Every picture downloaded from DAME! THOSE MPs links to 50:50 Petition and helps spread the word about the campaign for equality in Parliament.

#RapeisNotFunny .. Are 'Rape Jokes'?

We are asking all comedians, broadcasters, comedy promoters, comedy award givers and even audiences not to tolerate 'rape jokes' (jokes that trivialise rape or that are made at the expense of rape victims).

ITV seems to agree. In Nov 2014 it pulled 'Dapper Laughs: On the Pull' citing the star's rape joke routines in his live stage performances (not even broadcast on ITV) as the reason.

#Rape is Not Funny was launched at the Edinburgh Festival 2014 by Stand Up For WomenObjectZero Tolerance & Rape Crisis Scotland. Rape hasn't stopped, rape Jokes haven't stopped so nor have we!

Jenny Eclair, Peter Egan, Josie Long, Kate Smurthwaite, James Mullinger and dozens of other comedians, performers and even comedy show promoters are in support, with press coverage in Media Eye, Morning Star and Inside Joke.

So if you want to see an end to 'rape jokes' and one day a culture that wholeheartedly condemns rape, signed the petition sign the petition here

Why Rape Jokes Aren't Funny

#Everything is Funny Maybe, but how about laughing at rapists not victims? How about laughing at 'rape culture' - an entire culture that has trivialised rape so much that it has become little more than a strapline on a Tee shirt?    

#Nothing is Out of Bounds in Comedy Maybe, but how many racist jokes have you heard lately?

#Kill Joys 25% of the women in any audience are likely to be sexually assaulted. It is very likely that some have been already. “I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach when the act just casually joked about how ‘'rapable' different female celebs were. It makes you feel like what happened to you was nothing. The comedy was over for me” Rape Survivor.  

Would any comedian want to make people in their audience feel this way?

#It’s Just Being Edgy! Really? But isn't rape the least edgy thing to joke about, after all who’s going to complain? A rape victim? They don’t even complain about being raped.

#What Are You Laughing At? Every joke that trivilaises rape adds to a 'rape culture' or worse. In fact, research clearly indicates that when rape is trivialised a man or boy will think that little bit less about forcing a woman or girl to have sex.

#Censors!!!! Not really, we are not asking for a ban. We are just asking people to think, to really think 'What Are We Laughing At'?


Thank You

A special thank you to all these great comedians, performers, promoters and role models for their support:

BBC – Promote International Women’s Day

BBC boss ‘to consider’ covering International Women’s Day!

In March 2014 we wrote to the BBC asking them to properly promote International Women’s Day (March 8th) every year as a key way to raise awareness of inequality and violence against women. We suggested a range of programming ideas – from the fun (eg all-female comedy panels) to the informative (like coverage of the 100s of events that take place UK-wide to mark the day). 100s of individuals and dozens of organisations signed our letter to 'the Beeb'. 

What We’re Doing 
We’ve now heard back from BBC boss, Tony Hall, saying the BBC will consider our ideas. Of course, we’ve written straight back asking to meet! We're also in contact with other reps of BBC (and other channels) .. watch this space.

What You Can Do

You can still show your support by signing our letter on behalf of an organisation here or signing our petittion as an individual here

 And, of course, if you have contacts at the BBC - or other channels - drop us a line here: [email protected]