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Vid of the Week

The Problem with 'the F' Word ..


Role Reversals - 'Butt Ogling' (but it's a man's butt!)
Celebrating 'The Time of Month' - Who'd Have Thought!
Goodness Gracious Me unblur the lines for Mr Thicke!
Nursery Crimes by Hawkeye Windy
DAME! Those MPs: Play the Game and help get more female MPs
DAME! THOSE MPs - 20 April a Night of Pre-Election
'Beach Body Ready' .. Bah

Cool Stuff

This Great Dad tells you why he supports No More Page 3
'Like A Girl' is Not an Insult
Putting Down Rape Jokes
The Biggest Threat to Women? .. Men
Should Swear Words from Little Girls Shock us .. Or What they are Saying? (contains swearing)
Santa Baby - a wish list for Equality!
'No More Page 3' from No More Page 3
Obama's call to Grammy Artists to take stance vs Sex Violence remixed to 50 Shades
Role Reversals - A Change from Snickers 'Get Some Nuts'
Girls Tell Gemma Cairney What They Really Think
Deputy PM's wife: men who care for children 'have more cojones'
Katie Goodman - 'Not a Feminist' (nor are the Taliban)
This is Your Brain on Engineering (GoldieBlox Easter PSA)
Lebanese TV presenter puts rude Cleric in his Place
The Awesome Doc Brown is 'rapped off' by Sexism
News at Kate: An Election Round Up (like you've never seen before)
Girls Who Read (What Men Should Really 'Go For')
Ogling - Yes You Do Look That Dumb When You Do It!
Freestyle footballer, Matt Wolstenholme, supports No More Page 3 - with style
Excellent vid from No More Page 3!

Not So Funny

10 hrs in New York City
Punch & Judy .. in a whole new light
1 million teen girls are sexually abused. The Political Leaders on PSHE:
Disturbing: The overwhelming harm of Popular Culture & Porn. Gail Dines
How the Media Failed Women in 2013
Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts
Moving Response to Lily Allen's pornographic video 'It's Hard Out Here'
This guy tells others whey he stopped buying into the sex industry
Air Brush Villains - Hungarian Singer, Boggie, highlights the Photoshop Effect
Tom Gill Why should 'Freedom of Expression' mean Objectification?
Thandie Newton condemns Casting Couch Interview
Hollie Poetry 'Touch' (Real Sex NOT Porn Sex)

Stand Up For Women Supporters!

Blokes in Heels -Wazzup?
The AMAZING Nula Hula!
Stand Up For Women - July Comedy Fundraiser
Stand Up For Women - The 'Comic Relief' for women's charities
Nadia Kamil: This is What Burlesque Should Be
Barbershopera - I Could Have Married Kate
Joe Wells at Stand Up To Sexism Nov 2012
Ada Campe - magician extraordinaire
Stand Up For Women & 50:50 Parliament on Radio
Our Election Comedy Show with 50:50 Parliament

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